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Alaska Real Estate - The Great Outdoors

Investment Properties


Alaska may be the biggest state within the Union and is commonly a take it or let it rest proposition for relocation. For all those choosing Alaska, real estate market is a solid investment.


Known as "the great land", Alaska appears like a harsh, remote wilderness and definitely nowhere anyone may wish to live. These assumptions are amazed once you visit and therefore are overwhelmed by Nature at her very best. From magnificent mountain ranges to ocean shores to glaciers to raging rivers, Alaska is an outdoor enthusiasts dream. In a state that compromises fully 20 percent from the total land mass of the us, there is practically nothing that can not be found. On the personal aside, Denali Park is really a placed you should visit at least one time in your lifetime. It'll leave an indication and provide you with a new respect for nature.


Anchorage is home to roughly forty percent from the human population in Alaska as bears, moose and so forth appear to prefer other locations. If you are flying directly into Alaska, Anchorage will probably be your destination. Overall, Anchorage is a sprawling, chaotic city. It's received greater than its fair share of criticism for being "un-Alaskan," but it's the primary selection of homebuyers looking for a big city in Alaska.


The state capital of Alaska, Juneau is the best city in Alaska for me. The city abuts rainforests, mountains and also the Gastineau Channel. Named following the first prospector to strike gold in the area, Juneau is a collection of modern amenities with old world charm. Buy a home in Juneau and you will wake up every day to the most spectacular views on the planet. Put another way, Juneau is how the cruise ships stay in Alaska.

Alaska Property

In a condition as large as Alaska, prices can differ tremendously. Property in small towns may cost nothing, but lets concentrate on the biggies. $300,000 is the average cost for a single-family residence in Anchorage, even though it is going to take $450,000 to buy the same home in Juneau. For 2005, homes in Alaska appreciated for a price of approximately 13 percent.

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